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August movement and Calorie management challenge

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Join the Nutrition Alchemist challenge for the month of Juy by simply clicking the QR code above. The challenge is simple it is going to be about setting good life habits daily and doing a set amount of repetitions of an exercise daily.

I will load your challenge exercise target daily and it will be aimed at just getting you moving, more active and eating closer to your energy balance requirements. Once you sign up for the challenge I will create your profile on the main Nutrition Alchemist platform, so that I have your information to calculate your energy requirements. I will send you your daily Caloric targets to reach and explain to you how to calculate it. I will add you the Challenge group for the month with the other contestants and we will do an introductory group call and I will explain the system. Communication will be limited to the group chat. The group participants will be encouraged to log pictures of themselves completing the exercises and of their meals daily and once a week we will all meet over Zoom for 45 minutes to gear up for the next week.

You will have app access to view your daily movement and nutritional targets as well as viewing your calender exercise for the week. Since the nutritional targets will be individualised I will give you your targets on the group call.

You will be expected to log pictures, measurements, and your weight weekly to track your progress. Based on total results the person who makes the most progress from a weight loss perspective will be awarded 8 weeks of one of one coaching with Nutrition alchemist. Once the challenge is over your access to the platform will be removed.

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